Friday, January 28, 2011

One of Those Days

     This week has been one of those weeks.  There's nothing wrong, yet I've been dragging through my days.  I've been wishing I could spend the week on the couch - with a book.  I've made myself carry on with school and schedules regardless of my feelings.  Sometimes that's what you do, just carry on.
     Sometimes you take a day off.  We did math this morning, and I set the kids free for the rest of the day.  One child cried upon hearing the good news; they weren't tears of joy.  She had been working ahead, trying to earn a little freedom on a Friday, and I had undone all her hard work.  I had a long list of tasks I wanted to accomplish.  Instead I spent most of my time on the couch - with a book. 
     I suppose there were a few other things I did.  There was a dentist's appointment.  There was someone who wanted help with an online German lesson, motivated by a keen desire to say something other than one's age.  There were fierce games of Teddy Mix and Match.  I had time to cook with a budding chef.  I had time to watch the sap run down the maple tree and see the syrup collection process. (The collecting cup was knocked over by someone with a hammer long before we got to the boiling stage in the process.  But, if you're wondering, we did once boil the sap from our maple and produced something akin to syrup.)  I had time to go to the park, time to play tag and work on memory verses in the sunshine. 
      That's the kind of day it was here.  I didn't really get a lot accomplished.  Sometimes I work so hard to number my days, I'm wrapped up tight as a corkscrew.  I wonder if maybe...maybe...maybe...a heart of wisdom would know a little more about making space for Joy.
Sap collection in progress

Sweet - even for the bees

Tools of the trade, found in the shed, left in the dirt.

Time to swing.  Isn't there always time to swing?

Crossbow: good for battles, all sorts (as long as the tape holds).

Stilts, in progress.

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