Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Little Green Envy Bug

     I was bitten by a little green envy bug today.  It's not unusual.  I was looking at a blog, that's when it usually happens; all of your lives out there appear so much more beautiful, peaceful and enticing than my own.  Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy posted her studio tour.  Such a nice "studio."  Colors I like, full of fun fabrics, organized, and situated right in the play/school room.  I bet they never have a dull day or a family squabble in a room like that. I bet her kids would just sit right down at work and play and she'd be stitching at her machine making little lovelies and contributing to the household income.  (My husband stood behind me while I made the link, saying, "You know she took as long as she wanted to clean that up and all the junk is right here (pointing) outside the picture."  Think he knows my heart?)  From that point it was all downhill.  I perused my short blog list.  Turns out everybody has a life so much nicer than my own.
     Do I know this isn't true?  Absolutely.  Still, my day was suddenly so drab.  Helping my children with their school work wasn't a privilege and an act of service, it was keeping me from creativity.  Folding loads of laundry wasn't attention to duty, it was drudgery.  Feeding hungry stomachs seemed a second class activity to feeding my "soul."  But not the "soul" that seeks God.  I didn't even think about Him.  I couldn't have uttered one thankful, grateful word for the home and the people in it that He's appointed for me.
     There have been times when I've had to take a "blog" fast.  When I sit at the computer crying out of sheer covetousness, then I know I need a break.  Am I the only one this pitiful?  I won't fast today.  I looked in my heart and prayed through some quiet moments in the kitchen.  I squashed that green envy bug right there on the kitchen floor.  I went right back to flipping math fact cards, reading books, playing games, painting walls, vacuuming floors, fixing dinner, washing dishes and reading Bible stories.  I didn't photograph it for you.  You won't find anything in my etsy shop (right, I don't have one, I only dream).  Proverbs 21:20 describes the dwelling I want,
"There is precious treasure and oil in the dwelling of the wise..."
     You might see some of my treasures, in photos or spelled out in words on this page.  I hope our home is filled with "treasure and oil" you'll never see, spilling over.  Take my word for it though, these are very ordinary treasures.  They're the kind you just might see if you look around your own home with a heart of wisdom, eyes of faith, and a will to work.

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