Saturday, January 29, 2011

On Saturday

     Bryan left before we woke up this morning.  We had a quiet day, wide open, waiting for all the living there was to be done.  We started with a new recipe for oatmeal pancakes, which was unremarkable.  And coffee, naturally.  Then Ally and I hauled out the sewing machine and fabric boxes.  I pushed the dining table into the sun.  We made an apron set (one for a girl and one for a doll) to send a little lady about to become a big sister, and that's something to celebrate.  Kara stayed busy ironing fabric from our stash and refolding it, telling us all the while how much she loves to iron.  "Don't you mommy?"  Well...truthfully?  No.
     Ally's little feather weight sews beautifully.  I think it's like a toy.  An expensive toy.  The back stitch mechanism is simply wonderful.  Unfortunately, it doesn't zig-zag so out came my Grandma's Singer.  Ally, never wasting a moment, started a new Bible cover, while I finished the aprons.  Even Kara made a little project, and wonders if someone might want to buy him.  See  the ubiquitous smiling face?  I love it.

      Bryan came home in time for a late dinner.  We had run around like crazy, picking up, vacuuming, putting the furniture back in place and dinner in the oven.  Ally greets him with a smile, "Welcome to your humble abode where you are the undisputed Master of the House."  (A little Dickens allusion, smile!)

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