Monday, January 24, 2011

Geographica: Asia

     Today I asked Ally to prepare the quiz early so I wouldn't be sitting here typing at night.  She wrote all her questions this afternoon.  Here I am at night, typing.  Days are so busy, a wonderful whirl.  My mental list (I'm sorry, I just hardly ever make physical lists, but like daily goals) remains far from completed.  I think, I hope, it was a good day anyway.  The important things are done, though the floor remains unmopped.

The Quiz: Asia

1.  The name of the Gobi Desert comes from Mongolian meaning "waterless place".  The Gobi desert is in Mongolia and what other country to the south?

2.  With the Thar Desert in the west and the Himalayas to the north; and the Deccan Plateau in the central region, this is what country?

3.  The Sir Edmund Hillary's Himalayan Trust, a charity organization, is located in which landlocked country?

4.  What peninsula is between the Yellow Sea to the southwest and the Sea of Japan to the northeast?

5.  Shinto and Buddhism are the major religions in this country where the currency is the Yen?

Bonus Question
The seventh largest island in the world is Honshu; Honshu is an island of what country?


1.  China
2.  India
3.  Nepal
4.  Korean Peninsula
5.  Japan
Bonus Question:  Japan

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  1. that's a good quiz! You know, I just realized I know barely anything about the geography of India-beyond the Himalayas and the Indus.