Tuesday, January 25, 2011

He Grew A Bit Today

    "I don't learn how to read, I'm too busy playing."  Arden tells us as if he fully realizes that the task of reading is a matter of choice.  He chooses not to read.  As a matter of discipline I've made him learn some phonemes.  A few letter sounds, vocalized and traced out on sandpaper letters.  We have reviewed and tried a little blending using the letters from our All About Spelling board.  We drew accompanying pictures with dry erase markers of axes, cats and hats.  But his heart just wasn't in it.  I tried backing off a little.  Childhood is about free time, play and toys and Arden is enjoying himself.  There is plenty of time to learn.  Then today I thought, maybe he'd just like to read a book.  I dug the Bob Books out of the box.  Arden read his first book (with plenty of help from mom).  Then he read his second.  He's proud.  He's keeping them out on the chest in the living room, to read when the mood strikes him, just like the rest of us.  A guy can only learn sounds for so long before it seems pointless.  But to grow up and read a real book, well, he might be interested.

Arden brought more and more teddies to join the picture party. 

Arden's stack joins all the others on the chest.

*Bob Books:  Mine are from a thrift store and are now being used for the third time.  My kids have loved them when there's no other real book they're able to read.  Bob Books, Set 1: Beginning Readers
*The Teddies:  This week we're playing one game after another of Ravensburger Teddy Mix & Match - Children's Game

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