Monday, January 17, 2011

Geographica: Central Asia

     Ally spent her afternoon feverishly reading the conclusion of Our Mutual Friend (Oxford World's Classics) by Charles Dickens.  My sister in law gave me the BBC movie for Christmas, Our Mutual Friend, and we liked it so much that the next day we were off to the library to find the book.  This afternoon was interrupted by girlish giggling and romantic sighs, and you know Dickens always makes everything come out right for the hero or heroine, though things can be rather bleak all around them.  Obviously, Ally could not possibly be expected to write geography questions when the revelation of the family fortune was waiting in the wings and faithful love was about to be amply repaid.  This was no time for the atlas, only a warm spot on the couch with the book.  Now she's hastily constructing a little quiz for you.  I said I could blog about something else tonight, but followed my offer up with a weary sigh of, "I don't know what."  Smile.  She's a good girl, that Ally.

The Quiz: Central Asia
1.  The Aral Sea has lost ninety percent of it's water; the Aral Sea is on the border between Uzbekistan and what country?
2.  What country, with no railroads and few roads, has Kabul as it's capital and borders Pakistan on the south?
3.  The Kura River begins in the Caucasus Mountains, in Georgia; it then runs through T'Bilisi, then it flows into the Caspian Sea, just south of Baka, the capital of what country?
4.  The Indus River Valley and the Punjab Plains are in what country, that has its capital in Islamabad?
5.  The Syr Darya River begins in Kyrgyzstan and goes through Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan into what lake (sea)?
Bonus: (Ally says 110% to anyone who gets this question...)  Communism Peak, at 24,590, and Dushanbe, which is the capital, are in what country?

1.  Kazakhstan
2.  Afghanistan
3.  Azerbaijan
4.  Pakistan
5.  Aral Sea
Bonus:  Tajikistan (Bria says, I didn't get it right!)

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