Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maritime Adventure

     The most common question I am asked about homeschooling is what Arden, four, does all day.  I like to joke that he runs around like a wild man.  He is usually in the way, absorbing knowledge, keeping busy, and always looking for someone to play with.  The current craze, two weeks running, involves fighting naval battles with cuisenaire rods.  Cuisenaire rods are a math manipulative, but with a little imagination are also good for free play.  When you're four life should be made up of hours of free play.


  Add grappling hooks and ladders      

Red sailors on full alert   

     A life at sea is filled with constant danger and adventure.  The men are in danger not only when the enemy crosses the boarding planks, but also from rogue waves and Great Whites.  There is no chance of survival, yet men continue to enlist.  The lure of adventure at sea is irresistible.

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