Monday, November 8, 2010


David McCullough in his biography of John Adams wrote,
"As a branch of knowledge, geography was 'absolutely necessary to every person of public character,' and to every child, Adams declared.  'Really there ought not to be a state, a city, a promontory, a river, a harbor, an inlet or a mountain in all America, but what should be intimately known to any youth who has any pretensions to a liberal education.'" (p. 149)
     By John Adams standards even our little GeoBee Queen (who writes these quizzes) needs to gain quite a bit of "intimate knowledge," as we do, indeed, have "pretensions to a liberal education" here at our house.  The standards are high and, at times, the goal seems insurmountable.

The Quiz:  The Midwestern States
 1.  Herbert Hoover's birthplace is in what state, nicknamed the "Hawkeye State," and famous for its hog farming?
2.  The Model T Ford was produced in what state?  This state was also home to Charles Lindbergh, an aviator hero born in Detroit.
3.  St.  Louis, the Gateway to the West on the Mississippi River, and the Ozark Plateau are in what state?
4.  The Badlands National Park and Lake Oahe, on the Missouri River, are in what state, nicknamed the "Sunshine State?"
5.  Milwaukee is a busy, commercial port city in what state, that also has the Superior Upland in the north?

The Answers:
1.  Iowa
2.  Michigan
3.  Missouri
4.  South Dakota
5.  Wisconsin


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