Friday, November 12, 2010

Around our House

borrowing autumn's splendor

    There are some days when the math hour at our house doesn't go the way I would like it to.  There are tears or groans.  There are extended bathroom breaks or overwhelming hunger pains.  Our children have sometimes cheated.  They've confessed: they copied the answers right out of the answer key.  Some days they won't listen to our instructions or check their work.
     We don't just have one child brandishing a sin nature at math time, they all have, at times.  All of our children are sinners.
     This is one reason we homeschool.  We are in the business not only of education, but of discipleship and character formation.  Math is about much more than completing thirty problems, solving for x, or the three ways to write a division problem.
     Sometimes I forget.  I think that my work is all about what I can see, that my success is quantifiable.  That is not the nature of my work.  My work is by faith and success is measured not by math scores but in human hearts.  And ultimately it's not my work at's God's.
     Some days I need to slow down and remember.

strolling friends

a girl's knitting - beside her mama's

an Ally-made owl

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