Saturday, November 13, 2010

I am His Own

"[Christ] has good right to you, and has God's warrant to have you.  Has Christ fought a battle with the Devil and sin, and hath He won you?  Then He hath better right to you than you have to the coat on your back.  Be glad ye are His own; He won you with the sweat of His brow.  It is true, ye deserve not Christ, but indeed He deserves you; therefore be glad and humble, for Christ will not want His own.  Who can rob, spoil, and oppress Christ?  I know well He is able to hold His own with the best of them.  Then fear not that ye be lost, for Christ's right cannot be broken, God must give Him justice and law, and by law you are His; for open market-right is a good right, and Christ has that of you."
Communion Sermon 1 by the Rev. Samuel Rutherford, died 1661

Today and tomorrow I will rest in this: Christ has fought the battle with the Devil and sin and death and has won.  He has won me.  He won me with the sweat of His brow.  I wonder, why?  It is true, so very, very true, that I do not deserve Christ.
But Christ deserves me.

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