Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in the Squirrel's Nest

My little squirrel, my 14 year old Ally, has been busy in her nest again. We created the nest this summer and I am resigned to it being a permanent home for all of her sewing enterprises. I freely admit that when it is tidy, it is a pretty little space. She's been sewing Christmas gifts, and making cards, and stitching owl bags (all available in her Etsy shop - Simplysquirrel).

Ally's latest set of owl bags, like the one pictured above, are my all time favorites. We washed and semi-felted a thrifted, plus-size, wool skirt. I say "we" because Ally still calls me in for help and advice. But the combination of colors on the owl against that dark green background leaves me smitten. Ally has sold one, to her grandma. (Does a sale to a grandmother count?)

Ally finished her last project and giddy, the way you can only be giddy when you are 14, announced that now she had time to sew a dress just for fun. Off she went to cut and stitch, reading her pattern all by herself. Well, by herself until it was time to attach the sleeves then she needed a bit of help. Sleeves are tricky. But I can't tell you how many days I despaired; it seemed that girl would never be able to read a pattern. Let that be a lesson to you; hang on.

Dress photos to follow soon.

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