Friday, November 18, 2011

Book Sneeze: Gesundheit!

Have you heard of Book Sneeze? They offer a free book to bloggers in return for a review. I am a constant reader, except during my last pregnancy when I needed sleep, constantly. But that was a long time ago. Now I would blush if I told you how many books in progress I have sitting beside my bed. So I couldn't resist the offer of a free book.

I thought the review would be easy, after all I am opinionated. Then I realized how woefully dull most book reviews are; is it the nature of a book review? I would hate to bore you. I tried, this morning to write a really good book review. It was full of facts and information. I presented it to Bryan. The verdict? Boring.

And so tonight I have tried again. I have a nagging suspicion it's just not right. Bryan is not home to rescue you. You must endure.

Yes, I read the book, every word. Yes, I wrote a review, two in fact. I plan to do it all over again and bore you in the future. Unless it's not in the nature of a book review to be boring, then perhaps, in time, we will muddle our way through to something better.

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