Monday, November 7, 2011


My brother tells me I've been slacking lately on this blog. I know. I'll's hard for me. I almost always have something to say, that's not a problem. No, the problem is every post takes a long time. If you are an English teacher, a grammarian, or even literate, you will find what I write hard to believe. But this is true, entirely true.

I sit down to type, and begin right away. When you don't know how to start just start, right? I finish a paragraph, then think it could be said better. I begin to edit. Type, edit. Type, edit. Strive for clarity. Be concise, how many words can I eliminate? Rewrite. Read the entire post. Edit. Hit "preview," begin to tally on my fingers how many changes I should make. When I hit five (the limit of my memory) I come back to the post and...edit. Preview, edit. Read, read, edit. When I think I've finished I let Bryan read my post, but I read over his shoulder. I drive him crazy.

By the time I am done, I am in a frenzy. You see, it is hard for me. One post takes a long time. My body twitches. My finger hovers over the backspace key. From beside me Bryan blurts out,

"Just stop."

I have a lot of things to do with my life. Continuous proof-reading isn't one of them. I have made a choice to save time, to be a slacker, to aim for three posts a week. Imagine: what if I didn't have spell check?

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