Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sweet, Small Gift

Kara and I made vanilla sugar to share over the holidays. Happily both sugar and canning jars were on sale. Fabric, paper, and raffia I had "in stock." And a kind friend shared her circle punch.

We simply snipped off one end, cut up the vanilla bean pod, and scooped out the sticky seeds. Then I put the seeds in the food processor with about half a cup of sugar, to break them apart. We put the leftover bean pod in the jar, added the sugar from the processor, and filled it to them brim with regular sugar. We periodically stopped to shake along the way. This is no exact science, and not terribly time consuming, just a bit of careful work.

I reminded Kara again and again the sticky brown seeds she was scraping out of the pod were like gold. Gold smeared all over those helpful little fingers. Be careful, honey. Oh, I am mama, I am.

The kitchen smelled heavenly, vanilla-y, as we made one sweet, small gift for giving.

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