Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today: In Green and Yellow

After lunch our happy crew piled in the car, off to the woody lots beside the soccer field, cutting greens for our Christmas decorating. Then we spent our early afternoon filling in greenery around our nativity sets and decorating our Christmas tree. Sam kept trying to put ornaments on the tree between school subjects this morning, but I took a firm stand and chased him off every time. The tree is somewhat of a novelty. This is the first tree we've put up in four years, which means my little ones don't even remember our last tree. They would admire an old ornament, "Oooh, I've never seen this before." I caught them several times, standing still, looking at the lights.

Here, today, I will show you the kitchen window sills. The big vase is above my butcher block counter. The nativity scene is above my sink. The little red angles and the nativity belonged to my great grandma; they're special in many ways. Naturally, I can't show you my sink. There were dishes in it (I'm sure my great grandmother never had dishes sitting in her sink). I have an illusion of perfection to maintain here. Smile. And I'll show you the table, set for dinner. I freely admit I set it early, so that I'd have sun for the picture. All the better, ahem...impress you. But we really did light the candles for dinner.

It's a fun challenge to combine the things that are free with the things that you have, and try to create something wonderful. Are you decorating for Christmas yet, creating a little wonder for those, big and small, you love best of all?

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