Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Pastimes

The official temperature reading here today was 108 degrees. Outside the dining room window one poor squirrel was lying prone in the pool of water around the air conditioner. Poor thing. It's hot. We've been hiding in the house, reading aloud, slowly organizing for the new school year, although with stacks of books lining the hall, thanks to the water disaster, it is very slow going.

Tea with jam and bread.

My old address book was falling apart. Rather, it fell apart a year or two ago, and this week I finally decided to type all those names and numbers into the computer and print a hard copy. Naturally I needed something pretty to put it in. The girls and I had a good morning around the table doing paper crafts while the boys made paper airplanes. Ideally I would have chosen a black binder, but this is what we have around, maybe I'll buy a black one and trade it out later. All that remains is to fill the binder with essential household information. Not sure what that will be, but I'll start with the address pages.

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