Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The New Ugly Room

I'd love to tell you I finished off the room today, but that would be a lie. I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone with United Airlines representatives who were in India. I realize it's not their fault, but there are some serious cross-cultural communication issues. I need them to understand me when I speak. Then I worked on Ally's ninth grade history book lists for the year. Then, of course, a few errands and a quick rain shower that fell while our laundry was on the line. So the little annoyances of yesterday remain.

In the top photo is our Elvis table. The best possible table for kids and crafts, it is almost indestructible. I love it. We plan to add little buckets full of colored pencils and pens, set up against the wall. From the photo I notice we need to hang something above the table. We'll give that consideration for a few months. Window treatments would be nice as well. Too bad we can't replace that floor, like the table it's indestructible.

Next up, the book shelf. It's nice when the books are so neatly aligned. Another organizational challenge lies in keeping things organized. Just to take the pictures I had to clean up the mess of a roving child.

Next, the desk scene. Ally thinks she may work there this year, last year she did a lot of reading on her bed. Maybe too much, now she wants to try the desk. We plan to buy a new shade for the lamp. The big printer/copier used to be on the desk, but moving it onto the bookshelf seems to have been a good choice. The room seems much cozier. I have one more shelf, but I'll need Bryan to drill a couple new holes. I plan to make a narrow shelf right above the printer to store paper on.

And finally, the piano. And what can I say about that?

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