Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day

We started school today. No bells or whistles. No games, no treats. A few quick pictures on the front porch, then we cracked open the books.

Of course, things didn't go smoothly. We couldn't remember where critical items, like math answer keys, were. Only last week that I organized everything, so clearly there is some logic to the mindset that believes we should keep everything out all the time. There may have been one frustrated moment when I griped that it was a terrible first day. I was hoping for some magic over the summer, but the same students, with the same weaknesses, showed up today.

My students woke up this morning and everything I love about them is also still true. One is amazingly diligent. One can fly through math lessons. One adores spelling. Who doesn't love a child who begs to do spelling? Arden is thrilled to finally, officially, be of school age. He asked to do three hours of "spelling," which is really phonics done with the spelling equipment. We didn't. He counted by two's and five's upside down on his head on the couch. Best of all, we've already deviated from our read-aloud list for the year. We started Robin Hood by Roger Lancelyn Green because now he's on a Robin Hood kick. And there is nothing more fun than a new kick.

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  1. I was one of those who loved spelling. I remember one year being so excited to get the textbook and doing 1/4 of the book the same day :)