Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kindergarten Read-Alouds

I made a list and sent Kara to gather all the books. She brought them back in a pillowcase. We lined them up on the shelf. There they are: Arden's Kindergarten Read-Alouds.

How did I decide what books we would read together? They must hold his interest. Boys as protagonists, if possible. A few pictures mixed in with the text. Simple, and a few harder selections to challenge his listening skills. I don't want to be bored while reading; I'm looking for a skillful story line and literary story telling. After all these years of reading aloud I am finished with boring books - there are so many good ones we could enjoy instead.

Arden and I will read other books as well. We'll read the picture books from the kids' history baskets. (It is always a good idea for a child to know a bit about George Washington. I know, it may be more easily mastered at nine, but people do tend to look askance if they ask a seven year old about G.W. and  your child responds with a dull, blank look.) We'll read classic stories, fairy tales and Mother Goose from our home shelves. We'll check out books from the library, fiction and non-fiction. Today Arden wanted to know why pandas don't eat people. We'll capitalize on that interest with a book from the library. We'll read a lot of books this year.

Here's our read-aloud list. It is like a set of goals, we may meet it, we may not. We may add to it. I'll let Arden decide the order, with just a little guidance from mom. Every moment cuddled on the couch will be precious, binding our hearts, feeding his mind with knowledge as necessary as food is to the body.

o   Farmer Boy
o   Little House in the Big Woods
o   Five True Dog Stories
o   Light at Tern Rock (Christmas)
o   Story of Dr. Dolittle
o   Charlotte’s Web
o   Stuart Little
o   Follow My Leader – Garfield
o   Henry Huggins
o   Homer Price
o   Little Pear
o   Mountain Born – Yates
o   Mr. Popper’s Penguins
o   Mrs. Piggle Wiggle
o   Balto and the Great Race
o   Bears on Hemlock Mountain
o   Story of the Treasure Seekers
o   Missionary Stories with the Millers
o   Storytime with the Millers
o   The Wind in the Willows
o   Narnia

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