Monday, May 16, 2011

Tonight's Plan

     I can feel summer.  I find myself wanting to just set aside the math books and call it good enough for this year.  Not yet, we'll hang on a couple weeks longer.  When I feel like abandoning my good judgment and responsible parenting choices, I have to find some way to keep going.  One way I do that is by thinking about next year.  This seems counter-intuitive, that planning next year's learning helps us finish this year's books, but it always works for me.  Today I used a few quiet minutes on the park bench to start analyzing what worked well, and not so well, this year.  With that carefully thought out assessment I hope to make changes to address those character issues and time management skills, which seem to be the two chief areas of concern.
     Tonight this is short.  Ally didn't finish the geography quiz (time management), and I am itching to be over at HSLDA, listening to "High School Writing Demystified."  I'm hoping for the inspiration to finish this year's books and some encouragement for the daunting task of leading Ally through high school level work.

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