Monday, May 9, 2011

Geographica: Bodies of Water

     Did you have a good Mother's Day?  We had such a sweet day.  Bryan bought me a new coffee maker.  Arden, five, wrote out a card, carefully lettered "DOD," which seems to be how he was spelling MOM until his sister caught him and helped him get it right.  Kara, owner of the Odd Jobs business, included in her card a "super-prize," two free odd jobs.  You know I'll take advantage of that gift.  Our own dear Geo Quiz Girl wrote me a sweet note and bought me a plant for the garden.  We had a rousing round of croquet, and we ate, naturally.  Never forget the food.  It is so sweet to see how they love.

Quiz:  Bodies of Water
Europe:  What sea sits in between Greece and Turkey and has more than 2000 islands in it?  The southern border of this sea is the island of Crete, belonging to Greece.
Asia:  The Celebes Sea is north of Indonesia and east of Borneo.  What country borders the Celebes Sea to the north: India, Russia, Thailand or the Philippines?
Africa:  What strait is between Mozambique and Madagascar: the Zanzibar Channel, the Strait of Madagascar, the Mozambique Channel, or the Strait of Zimbabwe?
Australia:  The Joseph Bonaparte Gulf is north of what two Australian states: South Australia and Northern Territory, Victoria and Queensland, or Western Australia and Northern Territory?
South America:  The Gulf of San Matias is just north of the Valdes Peninsula.  The Valdes Peninsula is the lowest point on South America and is part of what country?


Europe:  Aegean Sea
Asia:  The Philippines
Africa:  The Mozambique Channel
Australia:  Western Australia and Northern Territory
South America:  Argentina

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