Monday, May 2, 2011

Geographica: American Rivers

     Monday again, and still it rains.  It rains and rains.  The rivers will be swollen, over-flowing their banks.   We're under a flash flood warning in our county.

American Rivers(North and South)

1. The Mackenzie river flows from the Great Slave Lake in Canada, to which sea in the Arctic Ocean; in the general direction of North West?

2. The Saskatchewan River flows from the Rocky Mountains into Lake Winnipegois in Manitoba; the Saskatchewan River flows in what direction: North,South, East, or West?

3. Santa Fe,New Mexico lies on what river; the Canadian,the Rio Grande, the Colorado, or the Gila river?

4. The Motagua River flows into the Gulf of Honduras, south of Belize; the Motagua River is in what country: El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, or Nicaragua?
5. The Salado del Norte River joins the Parana River, before the Parana River flows into the Rio de la Plata on the Atlantic Ocean; the rivers join in what county: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, or Peru?


1. Beaufort Sea
2. East
3. The Rio Grande
4. Guatemala
5. Argentina

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