Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Geographica: European Bodies of Water

     Today has been lovely, quiet, sunny, easy dinner tonight, and I've been working away on my list.  On the flip side I started resenting the list, resenting having to work hard.  What does that say about me?  Lazy, I guess.  Things are getting done, but don't worry I still have plenty to do.  A whole lifetime of work. 
     Ally has prepared one more hard geography quiz for today.  For next week I've given her a challenge to write a geography quiz geared toward our favorite seven year old, with questions to answer while looking at a map.  So if you have a favorite seven year old check back next Monday and we'll see how Ally does.  Our seven year old cheered, because normally she can't answer any questions, and it is fun to know some answers.

Europe:  Bodies of Water
1.  What sea is north of the Frisian Islands, west of Jutland, south west of the Norwegian city of Stavanger and east of the Islands of Great Britain?  (Bria's hint:  See my post on Berwick upon Tweed)
2.  What gulf is between Sweden and Finland: the Gulf of Finland, the Gulf of Bothnia, or the Gulf of Riga?
3.  The English Channel, the Bay of Biscay, and the Gulf of Lion all touch France. Which of these is part of the Mediterranean Sea?
4.  The Tyrrhenian Sea is north of Sicily and east of Corsica and Sardinia; the Tyrrhenian Sea is southwest of what country?
5.  The Sea of Azov borders Russia and what other country:  Turkey, Finland, Germany or the Ukraine?


1.   The North Sea
2.  Gulf of Bothnia
3.  Gulf of Lion
4.  Italy
5.  Ukraine (part of the Black Sea)

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