Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Conversation with the Chef: Strawberry Jam

We made strawberry freezer jam yesterday, two batches.  Measuring out the sugar, seeing it heaped in the bowl and grainy in the berries, convinces me to eat the jam sparingly. But I love, love, love the fresh flavor of freezer jam compared to cooked jams. When I eat it I'm always reminded of my grandma's kitchen and her jam made with berries from her own backyard. I won't give up strawberry freezer jam. Spread on toast it tastes like June in December.

Do you set your jam outside on the lawn (I use that term very loosely) to admire your work? No? Neither do we. The storm last night knocked out our power and the house was dark as a tomb today.  The sun was our only light, our only way to take a decent photo. The power outage also affects the freezer, the jam and all the other food we have stored. I'm a little worried about a deep freeze thaw. We have no idea how long the power will be out, so I'm trying not to borrow trouble from another day.

My grandma's recipe for strawberry shortcake, an old fashioned biscuit-like cake, is another summer favorite. Another flavor that brings up sweet childhood memories. We will certainly be enjoying that before strawberry season is over. Strawberry season could be five months long and it would be fine with me.

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  1. yummy! homemade jam is the best. if strawberries are still ripe in july, i think we should go pick some and make jam :)