Saturday, May 7, 2011


Being dead to the world means that every legitimate pleasure in the world becomes a blood-bought evidence of Christ's love and an occasion of boasting in the cross.  When our hearts run back along the beam of blessing to the source in the cross, then the worldliness of the blessing is dead, and Christ crucified is everything.  
John Piper, The Passion of Jesus Christ

    Today was certainly a day of blessing.  A day of sunshine.  A day of five year old humor.  A day of soccer.  A day of sitting with a book on the back porch.  A day of abundant food.  A day with my dad.  A day when our table was full all the way around with family and a friend.  A day of encouraging words.  A day I can only celebrate because of Christ crucified for me, and I will celebrate Him.  I will look back down that "beam of blessing" and see Jesus.  I pray that for you too.

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