Friday, April 29, 2011

Riding the Red Bullet

     Kara was given a little red bike for her third birthday.  Careening around our Pennsylvania neighborhood inspired her to name the bike The Red Bullet.  Arden's been cruising our Arkansas neighborhood on the same little bike, high centering on his training wheels, and we've known for a while now that he was ready.  Ready to balance and ride like a boy, a man, a professional, as he might say.
     Today Bryan asked Arden if he was ready to take his training wheels off.  Nooooo, he would ride with them his whole life.  Then his siblings started encouraging him (homeschool peer pressure), asking if he wanted to be a big boy.  Bryan couldn't resist a little fun, "The other boys will tease you when you're ten."  Okay, Arden thought it through, he'd take the training wheels off at twenty.  Ten?  Five?  Four?  That's the funniest joke of all, he's not even four anymore.
     And so the crew geared up and headed out.  After the chain fell off, a few falls, and the teacher learned the student's tricks, Arden was riding.  When I walked around the corner, coming home from the library, there he was, tongue out Michael Jordan style, pedaling away on the Red Bullet.

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