Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Geographica: Asian Rivers

     How about a geography quiz on Tuesday?  Yesterday was a whirlwind, as Mondays so often are.  My mom and I were laughing on the phone over our need for a recovery day from our "day of rest."  Maybe the contrast between the two days is exhausting?  In any case as I piled through laundry, edited a letter to NASA, read books, weeded the garden, took my walk, cooked dinner, did some shopping and made time to show up at Bible study, I did not leave time for typing up the quiz.  This morning I complained to Bryan that I would never be a great blogger because I just can't post every day, which so many think is important to success, he reminded me I am a wife, a mother, a homemaker first and foremost and blogging is a very limited role in life.  Having my guilt thus assuaged, I blog today, guilt free.

Quiz:  Asian Rivers
1.  Which major Chinese river begins in Tibet and flows through southern China before emptying into the East China Sea?
2.  The Han River, which begins in Odaesan National Park, North Korea, then flows through Seoul into Kyonggi Bay.  Seoul is the capital of which Asian country?
3.  The Edo River is a branch of the Tone River which begins in the middle of an island called Honshu.  Edo, named after the river, is the former name of what island country's capital city?
4.  The Barito River begins in central Borneo before flowing south into the Java Sea, only miles away from the city of Banjarmasin.  Borneo is a major island in what country?
5.  The Godavari River begins just north of Mumbai, then flows east across the Deccan Plateau into what bay?


1.  Chang (Yellow) River
2.  South Korea
3.  Japan (Tokyo used to be called Edo in the middle ages)
4.  Indonesia
5.  The Bay of Bengal

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