Monday, April 25, 2011

Geographica: European Rivers

     We had a wonderful Easter, filled with friends from morning to night, and a few quiet moments to remember our Savior and the empty tomb.  Always remember, even if it wasn't a good day...we celebrate the resurrection far more often than one Sunday of the year!  Every Lord's Day, every Sunday, we celebrate a Living Savior. One bad holiday won't drag us down or diminish our hope.  We've seen a fair bit of rain here.  Arden describes our yard as a marsh.  Bryan's wisdom regarding the weather is, "Some days it's nice to know you're on the top of the hill and not the bottom."  Monday again and another Geography quiz written by Ally.  I will say that Berwick-upon-Tweed is like a fairy tale land and tomorrow (when I have a little time) I will post a couple pictures and prove it to you.  Until then, trust me that it is well worth knowing.

European Rivers
1.  The Tweed River begins in the Southern Uplands and ends in the North Sea at Berwick-upon-Tweed; the Tweed River is in what country?

2.  The Daugava River begins in the Valdai Hills, Russia and enters the Gulf of Riga to the south; the Daugava River flows into the Gulf of Riga in what country:  Belarus, Poland, Finland, or Latvia?

3.  The Sava River begins in the Julian Alps, Slovenia before joining the Danube in the city of Belgrade; the Sava River joins the Danube in what country:  Italy, Austria, Serbia, or Bulgaria?

4.  The Duero River begins in the Sistema Iberio Mountains before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean in what country?

5.  The Arno River begins in the Apennines of Italy before flowing west into what sea:  the Ligurian Sea, the Ionian Sea, the Thracian Sea, or the Tyrrhenian Sea?


1.  Great Britain
2.  Latvia
3.  Serbia
4.  Portugal
5.  the Ligurian Sea

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