Monday, April 4, 2011

Geographica: World Rivers

     The State Geography Bee was this last Friday.  Ally did not do as well as she had hoped, for though she had studied all year, she did not study for the particular questions she needed to answer to earn her place in the final round.  It was a stinging disappointment, which she bore with grace and a few tears when she was safe at home.  Nevertheless our family enjoyed the day, spent with my mom, and the rare treat of going out to eat and to Starbucks in one afternoon.  We're still so proud of Ally.  She's learned so much about what she can accomplish, the pleasure of hard work, and how to use her time well.  Though she's now too old to try the Bee again next year, the girl just loves geography and spent the afternoon with the atlas on her lap.  She's indefatigable.  And now, today's quiz:

World Rivers
 1.  The Elbe River flows from the Sudeten Mountains in Poland then through the Czech Republic and Germany in to what sea northwest of Germany?
2.  The Salween River flows from Tibet through China into what country before emptying the Andaman Sea in the Indian Ocean?
3.  The Orange River begins in the Drakensberg Mountains of Lesotho then flows through which African country before forming a border with Namibia?
4.  The Swan River flows through which major Australian city before entering the Indian Ocean?
5.  The Negro River flows from the Guiana Highlands in Venezuela south to join what major South American river?

1.  The North Sea
2.  Myanmar
3.  South Africa
4.  Perth
5.  Amazon

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