Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Conversation with the Chef: A Favorite Supper

          Martha Stewart's Chicken Enchilada Verdes are a favorite supper here.  Our faves are subject to frequent change, and with six eaters we don't always love the same meals.  But we all agree on this one, though those pictures don't really make it look appetizing...I'm no photographer.  Also, with six eaters a little rice and bean filler is vitally important to stretch that pan of enchiladas.  When we were two I rarely made a side dish, unless it was a vegetable, but these days the sides are indispensable.
     Here are a few of my recipe tips, because no recipe is ever cooked in this kitchen without some modification.  I often throw a few extra carrots and celery pieces in the pot with the chicken, and freeze that extra broth for soups and other recipes.  We don't use lowfat cheese, we go for a full fat, creamy Monterey Jack.  I don't toast my tortillas.  I'm sure it would taste better, but this is one of my time saving measures.  Lastly, I always double the Verde sauce and freeze half for next time.  I won't lie, it's not exactly a speedy recipe, but the second time I make it, it's a lot quicker.  We have doubled the jalapenos in the sauce, and the adults loved it, but after watching how much sour cream the kids slathered on those spicy enchiladas, I went back to just one jalapeno.
     Scratch cooking takes time, but it's incomparable.  My mouth is watering!

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