Friday, April 8, 2011

If Kisses Were Seen

If a kiss could be seen
I think it would look like a violet.

- Anne of Avonlea

     We did our duty today, school, menu planning and grocery shopping, but as you see, we've had a wee bit of fun.  Bryan proclaimed tomorrow mowing day, and so it was now or never for making violet jam and syrup, a first at our house.  A large part of the fun is simply in the collecting of the violets.  We used Ball low sugar pectin, honey and lemon and violets packed down tight.  (I think I'll try more jams with honey this season.)  The looming question was whether to remove the green end of the flower.  We didn't and I think it "muddied" our jam, so if we try again I may use just the petals.  But it was good, oh so good.  The jam tasted like honey and lemon, tart but with an unmistakable floral essence.  We ate it with Parmesan Cheese Crackers and cream cheese, and it was delicious.  Refreshing, said the friend we shared it with.  I think I'd like to try violet jam with scones and whipped cream, and tea, naturally.

Soule Mama's Violet Jam, including the link to the Parmesan Cheese Crackers which were so good we'll be making them again.  Also, she includes the link to the violet syrup we're trying.  Of course by the time someone in Maine posts a recipe using violets it's far to late for someone down here in subtropical Arkansas, so I've been dreaming of this for a year.

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