Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Penny Pinching

     These are days to be a penny pincher.  I can't write a long post on "101 Ways to Save" because I have a lot to learn and a few items that "discerning taste," or maybe just stubbornness, hasn't yet let me compromise.  But I am trying, because we have braces to pay off and three more kids with crooked teeth, and I could go on.  You know, you have your own list of financial woes, I'm sure.  So I clip some coupons, turn the heat a little lower, and use the Duggar's laundry soap recipe.  And that laundry detergent is what I want to tell you about, because it works and it's cheap and made with old-fashioned ingredients I like.
     I am now into my "free" bottle of laundry detergent.  I have kept track of the costs for the first bucket of detergent, and added up my usual laundry detergent costs.  I have faithfully refilled my used bottles, and now I'm pouring out "free" soap.  I might be able to wash for about six months using free soap, and that's not a savings that I'll turn up my nose at.  I can't argue my clothes look as bright as they would if I bought top of the line detergent, but they're clean, and, did I mention, it's free.  I'm relying a little more on the stain removers, but I know I still come out ahead.
     Then I dry my laundry on the line, if it's sunny, pop a load in the dryer for ten minutes to soften it up, and fold and put away those clothes thinking of the pennies we're saving.  I do love line dried clothes.  I've sometimes thought I'm too busy to hang laundry out, but I'm not, I just needed to slow down a little.  I love the sunshine on tee-shirts, and the sweet fresh smell of the air.  Does anyone know why sun and fresh air give clothes a sweet smell, yet I never notice the smell when I walk out the door?
     I'm so very thankful for a way to save money that works, that really saves money, without sapping my time dry.  I'm so very thankful to be home with my kids, reading stories, playing games, drinking tea, watching them work, and none of it could be if I weren't pinching pennies.  So I'll pinch toward our goals, rejoice in simple things, and savor the morning sun when I'm out hanging laundry up to dry.

*The Duggar Liquid Laundry Soap
*I ordered supplies from Amazon at first (free shipping), Washing Soda, Fels Naptha, and found Borax locally.  However, if you live somewhere with more shopping options you can probably find them close to home.  Over Christmas I bought a couple more bars of Fels Naptha at a grocery store in Colorado.  If you want to feel trendy, note that years ago Restoration Hardware sold Fels Naptha, that's when I first learned of it, but never as cheap as the grocery store.  Of course.
*One more hint:  You only need one box of Washing Soda and Borax to several bars of Fels Naptha.  I rushed boldly ahead and later discovered I might have a lifetime supply of Washing Soda.  Hmmm...math skills.

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