Monday, March 14, 2011

Geographica: Canada

     Well, here I am on Monday with Ally's geography quiz.  Today she's going to test your knowledge of Canada.  Although I have told my fair share of jokes at the expense of my Canadian friend, I do love Canada.  What's not to love, eh?

Quiz:  Canada
1.  The town of Whitehorse is in the Yukon Territory on the Yukon River;  the Mackenzie Mountains form the border between the Yukon Territory and what other province?
2.  Vancouver Island and the Queen Charlotte Islands are part of which Canadian province that has the Rocky Mountains in the east?
3.  The author L.M. Montgomery set her classic Ann of Green Gables on an island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, with the capital of Charlottetown.  What is the name of this island?
4.  The Parry Channel lies between Baffin Island and Devon Island as you travel from the Arctic Ocean to Baffin Bay.  The Parry Channel is in what Canadian province?
5.  Point Pelee and Georgian Bay on Lake Huron is in which Canadian province with the capital city of Toronto?


1.  Northwest Territories
2.  British Columbia
3.  Prince Edward Island
4.  Nunavut
5.  Ontario

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