Wednesday, March 23, 2011

From the Singer

     The little Singer was whirring, after half an hour of back and forth about how we ought to design the bag.  At first we considered genuine patchwork, little two inch squares, but we were daunted by the amount of time they would take to stitch together.  Instead we chose strips of fabric, fabric we had "in stock," sewn together in varying lengths, and we were so pleased with the result.  We lined the inside of the bag with the yellow polk-a-dot.  We wrapped it up and tied it with a bow and gave it to a friend for her birthday.  I was pleased because we didn't even have to run to the store.  Ally was so pleased with the bag, she says she's going to make one for herself.  And her Daddy thrilled her heart by walking in and saying she ought to sell bags like that on Etsy.  Best of all, her friend liked it.  It was a good morning of sewing on the trusty Singer.

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