Saturday, March 12, 2011

By the Light of My Lamp

     I am saving my Lenten reading, Scriptures and the words of men of God, for late at night, the last words I see before I sleep.  While all the house is quiet around me, and even Bryan has closed his eyes beside me, I cherish those words, read by the dim light of the lamp.  God speaks in those quiet, dark hours.

"...what mercy could be greater, so far as we poor wretches are concerned, than that which drew the Creator of the heavens down from heaven, clothed the Maker of the earth with earthly vesture, made Him, who in eternity remains equal to His Father, equal to us in mortality, and imposed on the Lord of the universe the form of a servant, so that He, our Bread, might hunger; that He, our Fulfillment, might thirst; that He, our Strength, might be weakened; that He, our Health, might be injured; that He, our Life, might die?"
~ Augustine, Sermon 207

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