Monday, March 28, 2011

Geographica: US Rivers

     The Geo Quiz on Monday rolls around again.  The State Geo Bee is this Friday and Ally is giddy with excitement and studying hard.  Do I even need to mention Bryan and I are giddy with excitement too?  My mom maintains a perennially calm exterior, a gift of God, so I never realized as a mother my heart would be so wrapped around my children's that I'd be as nervous, happy or disappointed as they feel in the ups and downs of life.  I often find myself vacillating between a crazy pride in all they do and a pressing discouragement that we don't do any of this discipleship and home education well enough.  I'd love to stay in that middle ground where I'd be in neither sin nor doubt.  It's like a roller coaster ride, and I hate real life roller coasters, but I can't opt out of this one.  I'm on the ride - for life.  Next Monday I'll tell you how she did, and as usual, you'll find yet another Geo Quiz.  I'll repeat it again, this girl loves geography.

Quiz:  US Rivers
1.   The Connecticut River begins in northern New Hampshire and flows down the western border through Massachusetts and then through Connecticut into Long Island Sound.  The Connecticut River forms the border between New Hampshire and what other state?
 2.  The Wabash River, on the border with Illinois, and the Maumee River, that flows through Fort Wayne, are in what state?
3.  The Snake River begins at Heart Lake in Yellowstone National Park, before traveling across what state to form Hell's Canyon on the border with Oregon?
4.  The Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area is on what river that joins the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park, Utah?
5.  The Missouri River begins in what state that also has the Little Bighorn River and most of the Yellowstone River, a tributary of the Missouri River?


1.  Vermont
2.  Indiana
3.  Idaho
4.  Green River
5.  Montana

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