Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Plan for the New Year

After a day of hiking in Muir Woods, admiring God's handiwork displayed in the redwood forests, and a short visit to Muir Beach, to let the kids get their feet wet in the chilly Pacific water, I was tired and sleepy. A home brewed latte and a book in the sunshine used up all my remaining energy. And in this quiet afternoon I hid away from the crowd and finished the last few chapters of 2 Chronicles and Revelation. I finished my Bible reading plan for the year.

Whether you are resolute or a goal setter, or neither, reading God's word through once a year (even if you don't start in January) is one thing I can guarantee is a worthwhile pursuit. The pursuit of God is always worthwhile. So here are the two plans I have used in the past:

The M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan is the one I will use again this year. The plan has you read every day of the month, but also has you read the New Testament through twice. Twice is nice.

Or try the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan available through John Piper's Bethlehem Baptist Church website. This one is handy because only 25 days of the month are scheduled, leaving a few days every month for the flesh. Or, if you're a better person than I am, extra Bible study.

I'm also planning to read Proverbs through once a month all year. I last tried that in college and loved the familiarity I had with Proverbs at the end of the year. And I'm hoping to make a little space in my schedule to linger slow and long over chosen sections of the Bible, beginning with the book of Hebrews.

This month as I read 2 Chronicles 27:6 I was struck by these words and have made them part of my prayers. I want to be spiritually mighty because I have ordered my ways before the Lord.

So Jotham became mighty because he ordered his ways before the LORD his God.

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