Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preparing Their Thanks

I set the three younger kids up to mass produce thank you notes for soon-to-be-coming-much-anticipated Christmas gifts. I volunteered to print out labels on colorful paper, "Thank You," in five different fonts. They gladly started in, generously applying stickers for maximum impact.

While I was in the other room, computer hooked to the printer, little Arden was painstakingly sounding out "thank you," with the help of Kara the Super Speller. He was insistent he would hand write the words on all his cards, at least until he realized there would be eight of them. Suddenly one was good enough. I hustled back in the room, papers in hand, frantic to stay one step ahead of the kids. I'd love to tell you their creative passion propelled them, but I suspect they just wanted to finish the task.

I looked at Arden's card. "You need to sound that out."

"I did. S-A-N-K Y-O-U."

"TH-ank you, watch my tongue against my teeth, THHHHH-ank you."

"Yeah, sank you."

He's pleased. I sighed, and put off the task of teaching the TH phonogram until another day. It remains a thank you note that reads, Sank You.

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