Thursday, June 9, 2011

Turtles and Tadpoles

Mr. Turtle was found by the road this morning. Sam brought him back to the so-called flower bed by the patio, as you see it is not exactly the Garden of Eden. After I had put banana bread in the oven two excited children took me out to meet the turtle. We watched him crawl among the plants and climb rocks, then tried to feed him, but his mind was on escape and he would not be deterred. When we were done enjoying him, we set him in the grass and let him crawl away, giving strict instructions to Sam, who would be mowing, to watch out for the turtle.

We are also entertaining a pair of tadpoles - in a large plastic water bottle and thus the distortion in the photo above. We'll watch them grow then set them free. I had my brother, who is visiting for a few days, research what they like to eat. He reported fish food is best but greens also work, and having some handy lettuce on the compost plate, we made them a quick meal of it, and they seemed appreciative. Arden is not quite sure how these things with tails will become frogs, so there is plenty of learning ready to unfold before our eyes. Tomorrow we will be off to the library to check out Starting Life: Frog (Starting Life) by Claire Llewellyn. We have checked it out before, and it did seem to be a very nice book, but did not have the immediacy that it will now.

A little exploring in our yard, a little fun with a few little friends, that's what our little people were busy about today.

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