Monday, June 20, 2011

He Needs Me

He runs around like a wild man. That's what I tell the inquirer when they ask what Arden does during our homeschool days. I'm joking when I say it. He's not literally out of control and wreaking havoc. He simply has almost totally unstructured days.

He runs around like a wild man. Really, this week he's been wild. He's arguing with every sibling. I hear his voice above all others and he can't control his temper. He throws his toys in anger. He won't take no for an answer.

He runs around like a wild man. This means he needs me, I was busy last week and he needs more attention, more time, more conversation, more discipline. He needs to read frog books on the couch. He needs a game of Qwirkle at the table. He needs a crowd in the amphitheater for a gladiatorial contest cape flying as he battles the invisible foe. He needs his hand held in Walmart. He needs an extra dinner chore. And he needs me watching to see that he does it.

He runs around like a wild man. He will never say it aloud, but in letters large he writes it on his heart. He needs a little extra love today. He needs me.

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