Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rushing After Jesus Christ

"All thy strange, passionate, sudden rushings forward after Jesus Christ, coming sinners know what I mean, they also are thy helps from God. Perhaps thou feelest at some times more than at others, strong stirrings up of heart to fly to Jesus Christ; now thou hast at this time a sweet and stiff gale of the Spirit of God, filling thy sails with the fresh gales of his good Spirit; and thou ridest at those times as upon the wings of the wind, being carried out beyond thyself, beyond the most of thy prayers, and also above all thy fear and temptations."

John Bunyan, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ

Do you ever feel that? Something strange and awkward comes over your heart, a longing so strong it hurts? Half afraid the feeling will end and you'll be mired in normality and half afraid of coming face to face with a Living God? Even this is His grace at work, carrying me up, beyond myself, to Himself. The fear, love, longing, and thanksgiving are all gifts of His grace.

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