Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Discover Wonder


Itty bitty tadpoles

Arden is a boy in motion. There's always a battle to fight, a bike to ride, a mother to pester. Then we take him out to the creek and he is a boy transformed. He spent two hours building a dam. He gathered mud and water plants to plug the holes. Then he moved downstream and started all over again. Two hours of silent, intent work.

I spent my time pondering, and prowling, calling the kids to see my discoveries. There was a water snake. There were tadpoles still in the eggs. There was the Luna moth I thought was dead until an ant tried to carry it away. There were seven or eight kinds of butterflies.

Go outside. Find a little wildness. Breathe deep. Let your kids loose, let them explore, and build, and play. Leave the cell phone in the car, be present in the moment.

Discover wonder. 

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