Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas Week

     Last night we watched the lunar eclipse.  We laid out on the deck, in sleeping bags and under blankets, and watched.  It was beautiful.  We watched the shadow of the earth steadily move across the moon, until it was a red orange globe in the sky.  We woke seven year old Kara and brought her out, but she didn't see what the big deal was, and seeing her tired face we let her go back to bed.  Sam fell asleep out there.  But we woke him and all went in before the moon came back out of the shadow. 
     The kids and cousins decorated the tree with plants found outside and berries, bought.  This isn't a tradition, it's something new, but it's nice.

     And we're finding a long walk with the four year old the best way to keep a busy boy entertained on these long vacation days.  Equally fun is time spent building a rock tower down in the river bed and finding crawdad claws in the dirt.  Anything for a change of pace from the non-stop indoor play time.

Happy days!

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