Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Squirrel's Nest

Here's a lemons to lemonade life moment. Our sewing machines were down in the ugly room until the water disaster. Ally took all her supplies and created herself a sewing space in the upstairs hall. We are agreed, we love it.

Ally opened her own Etsy shop this week, Simplysquirrel. Naming an Etsy shop is surprisingly difficult; all of our first ten choices were taken and this is what we came up with during an on the spot brainstorming session. We called Ally "Squirrel" when she was eight and her preferred storage method was stashing everything under her bed. Thankfully, she's grown up. Ally is spending her summer afternoons busy, and delighted to be busy, in her "office." This may not make her rich, but she will be productive and I love to see time well used.

I'd offer you all a giveaway, but most of my readers are family. Hello all! My brother, who reads my blog on the bus on the way home from work, has little use for an owl bag, and wouldn't even appreciate a giveaway.

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