Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prayers With a Good Aim

One facet of the internet I appreciate is that sometimes you follow a new link and find an unexpected story you love, like this one:

I am inspired by Scott Smiley's resiliency, perseverance, and "no quit in him" attitude. I loved this couple's commitment to each other. I rejoice in their evident joy. Above all, I was inspired by his wife who prayed for her husband. Tiffany had the wisdom to stop praying about her husband's disability, his blindness, and pray for the single most important thing - his heart. I remember the words of Thomas Watson, from Saturday's post on prayer,  "Prayers which lack a good aim, lack a good answer." God has given her a good answer to her prayers.

I want to be a wife and mother who prays in the same way, with a good aim and a good answer.

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