Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pursue the Prize

A short reflection from Thomas Watson's book The Godly Man's Picture: Drawn with a Scripture Pencil.
I would prize Christ. I should not complain of any pains, any discipline, any time spent seeking Him. I should never wonder how much time I need to spend seeking. "My soul follows hard after God." (Psalm 63:8) If Christ is truly precious to me I will never rest until I have Him and know His fullness. Follow hard. Do I say I love Christ?
"If Christ would drop as a ripe fig into their mouth, they would be content to have him, but they will not put themselves to any trouble to get him." (p. 51)
Do I want to sit back and simply open wide my mouth, then, yes, I would be glad to have Him? Do I expect to know all of His goodness after stinted times in His Word and lackluster prayers? I think I do. I want to prize Christ more, to find Him worth any, every, effort I put forth. He is indeed a Pearl of Great price; pursue the prize. He calls me, follow hard.

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