Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Ugly

For a month I've been giving thoughtful consideration to beauty in our home. I've planned some small changes. I've planned some blog posts. I spent last week catching up on homekeeping basics, so that this week I could turn my eyes to look for and create beauty. Then on Saturday the pipes of the upstairs tub began to leak. We noticed the brown spots on the ceiling downstairs. This is how it looks today:

We've called this room "The Ugly Room" ever since we moved in to this house. The room gets no natural light. The walls were dark, dark wood paneling. The floor still is a linoleum with a print that looks something like rocks, by which I don't mean granite, I mean stones and pebbles on a brown background. And now it is an ugly room indeed. Saturday night we moved all of this year's history books out, they were organized chronologically. No longer. Now they're stacked in the upstairs hall. The printer is out, and the sewing table is out. Junk is stacked in the front hall.

Aside from the ceiling nothing was damaged. It is, truly, a short term inconvenience. The plumber fixed the leak today. The electrician comes tomorrow. There's some scary wiring hiding behind that drywall. We'll patch and fix and paint. All is well. But beauty...well, beauty moved down the priority list. The time for that will come, in it's time, or rather God's time, and not my own.

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