Tuesday, April 3, 2012

On Monday Morn

Ally needed a day off. Just one day off math. I consider it a suitable reward. She will finish every lesson and test in her book by the end of April. She was feeling a little lonely, discouraged, and out of sorts.

I have been spending too much time lately feeling tired, grumpy, and out of sorts. I have spent entirely too much time being the kind of person I do not want to be. I blame motherhood, though if I were a mother without sin I suppose things would be different. The innumerable little things drive a mother to distraction. For example, the conversation drowning sounds of a dying chicken coming up from the back seat of the van. Followed by a gleeful pronouncement, "I'm the prince of poultry." In these situations consistent good cheer and patience are hard to maintain.

We needed a break. We sat down together on Monday morning. We did our nails. The dumpy nail polish that I put on before Christmas came off. It is flip-flop time. We reviewed our memory verses. I listened to her recite what she knows of First John. She listened to me hobble through Colossians 1. We discussed goal setting for the long quiet, easily wasted, summer. Of course, Ally already had goals planned, but I got to hear them.

Just a couple hours off. A couple hours of quiet. Precious time with my girl that left me quiet at heart for the rest of the day. I may be a mama out of sorts, but things are not all bad. They're rather good. Rather good indeed. Very good indeed.

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