Monday, April 23, 2012

March's Knitting

I completed March's knitting project. I popped it in the post for the new little fellow, the adorable little nephew, whose face I've seen on Facebook. There is, of course, the obvious question: what size is it? Unfortunately, the answer begins with, "Well..." I can only mention that it was meant to be a 0-3 month size, but my knitting is highly  unpredictable and (with a tear in the corner of my eye) we must realize there are no babies here to give my knitting a trial run. I also included a Carter's outfit. Safe. Reliable. Returnable. I just really wanted to make something also. I think handmade is special.

So now I have earned the right to move on to my next craft project: fabric bags for our cash budgeting system. We have been using paper envelopes. Coins and paper do not mix well. You can see the need for an upgrade.

I admit to still feeling cramped by the new one-craft-at-a-time routine. But the satisfaction of finishing the projects I begin is its own reward.

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