Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday's Projects

     And so, you see what I have done today, besides all the usual Saturday tasks.  A felted heart swag that now hangs facing the dining room.  I used felted sweaters I bought years ago, on half-off day at the thrift store.  I felted them all, inspired by Warm Fuzzies: 30 Sweet Felted Projects, then decided I had neither the time nor inclination to actually make the projects.  I've been thinking I ought to just get rid of that box, taking up space, inducing guilt, but today I had supplies for a free Valentine's craft.  When I finished I tucked the felted sweater box back in the closet;  now innumerable cute projects can hang over my head for three more years until the next day I find time.  Ah, time.  I held the hearts together with invisible thread, also tucked in the sewing box from a long ago project.  Invisible thread is rather difficult to use because it is...invisible.  I had to call in the thirteen year old, with better eyes, to help with the tricky parts.  Then using paper from a gift tag project (two years ago) and stickers I bought to adorn verse cards over the kitchen sink (four years ago) and pre-cut purple ribbon, (an unauthorized kiddy craft) I made these little cards.  Monday I plan to write on each, "through love serve one another."  I'm hoping to do some of their chores for them as my sweet surprise.  I'd write them all ahead of time, but I'm not sure how many chores I'll actually get done.  I have to get up earlier than usual to walk the dog before Bryan does, and work fast to unload the dish washer before Ally finishes the job.  Thankfully, the person who does the laundry should be easy to beat.  I'll have a little edge.  That will be Valentine's Day here, a little candy, a dinner we all enjoy, and a little love.  I'm not spending much money, not filling our homes and hearts with stuffy-stuff.  Simple service, the hands and feet of love.

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